NAYSTAR is a multi-talented artist on the rise who was born in Queens, New York, raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother a Brooklynite with Native American decent and her father being from Trinidad, she grew up well cultured. Spending majority of her life around music and the performing arts, it seemed almost destined that her heart would lean in that direction as a career path. She has a passion for being on stage and as well as using the arts to express herself. It is a mixture of her talent, drive, passion and genuine desire to touch people that set her apart from the rest.
Striving to remain relatable, she puts her life into her songs. Humble and ambitious, she wants nothing more than to be victorious in her aspiring career and to live her dream to the fullest.
Aside from singing, she is also a songwriter, professional dance choreographer & fitness nutrition coach. All of which she’s been doing since a child, which the exception of her more recent passion to help people get fit and live healthy lifestyles.
While loving every area of her life, her main goal is to be continuously blessed with her music career and to continue blessing others through charity and giving back to the community, as well as being a role model and advocate for women.

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